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10 Health & Fitness Myths Debunked {Part 2}

If you haven’t checked out Part 1 to the series, go ahead and do so now. Part 1 Without further ado, here is part 2! Build up of lactic acid causes muscle soreness This myth was cracked by science a long time ago.  The soreness you feel after strenuous exercise is not due to lactic acid […]

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10 Health & Fitness Myths Debunked {PART 1}

Below is the first part of a two part series: 10 Health and Fitness Myths Debunked.  These myths hold so much unsubstantiated ‘truth’ in the general public.   We just assume they’re true because everyone seems to be saying them.  All it takes is a little digging and you’ll discover them to be completely false. […]

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What Image Are You Creating?

What type of person are you in gym?  Do you throw around a few weights, bbm a couple people, then do a few bicep curls and get out of there?  Maybe you always B line it to the bench press, then do some bodyweight stuff and are finished. Whatever you do, you create an image. […]

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Get Your Slide On

I picked up some Valslides a couple days ago.  Well actually, I decided to go with furniture movers because they were less than half the price and look/function exactly the same.  They worked perfectly for me and I know they have for many others. Below are the exercises I did with the sliding plates. PUSHUP FLIES […]

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