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Q Angle and Exercise

Women typically have larger Q-angles than men.  You may have analysed women’s Q-angles without being conscious of it, or perhaps without even knowing what a Q-angle is.  Maybe you noticed that while walking or running, a female’s knees seemed to look caved in.  They may not look as strong or physically stable as most men […]

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Do’s + Don’ts of Foam Rolling

Do’s 1.  Use it often.  3-4 times per week is good, every day is better. 2.  Use it on more than just your quads, hamstrings, and glutes.  There is a link to a free e-manual explaining what areas you can roll, how to roll, for how long etc. at the bottom of this post. 3. […]

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4 Must-Try Mobility Drills


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Hip Mobility

I want to share with you a few hip mobility drills.  Include these in your warm-up prior to workouts involving the lower body.  Some of you may consider these ‘dorky’ exercises and omit them from you warm-ups/workout – I highly suggest you do not take that approach. Carrying out mobility drills like these will translate […]

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