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10 Health & Fitness Myths Debunked {Part 2}

If you haven’t checked out Part 1 to the series, go ahead and do so now. Part 1 Without further ado, here is part 2! Build up of lactic acid causes muscle soreness This myth was cracked by science a long time ago.  The soreness you feel after strenuous exercise is not due to lactic acid […]

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10 Health & Fitness Myths Debunked {PART 1}

Below is the first part of a two part series: 10 Health and Fitness Myths Debunked.  These myths hold so much unsubstantiated ‘truth’ in the general public.   We just assume they’re true because everyone seems to be saying them.  All it takes is a little digging and you’ll discover them to be completely false. […]

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Q Angle and Exercise

Women typically have larger Q-angles than men.  You may have analysed women’s Q-angles without being conscious of it, or perhaps without even knowing what a Q-angle is.  Maybe you noticed that while walking or running, a female’s knees seemed to look caved in.  They may not look as strong or physically stable as most men […]

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Pressing Movements Made Dangerous

“A review study published in 2010 in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research dug up reports showing that as many as 60 percent of lifters experience shoulder pain in any given year.”  (The New Rules of Lifting for Life, 2012) I can assure you that the majority of these injuries are a result of pressing, […]

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