What Image Are You Creating?

What type of person are you in gym?  Do you throw around a few weights, bbm a couple people, then do a few bicep curls and get out of there?  Maybe you always B line it to the bench press, then do some bodyweight stuff and are finished.

Whatever you do, you create an image.  Everyone will perceive you differently, but only to a certain extent.  If you go to the gym and all you do it pullups, you’ll undoubtedly become “the pullup guy”.  I have a few different people at my gym:

-The runner. This guy runs. ALL…. THE…… TIME.  No weights, no resistance training whatsoever.  Headphones on and it’s go time.

-The no warmup guy.  This dude enters the gym and gets right to it.  I don’t know if he’s short on time or what, but he doesn’t mess around.  For all I know, he may carry out the most bad-ass warmup at his house, or even right outside the gym.  But I don’t see this, so he’s the “no warmup guy” to me.

-Five Finger Shoe Guy.  Haven’t been able to get a good read on this guy.  May be a bit faddy.  Webbed shoes plus the fact that he was doing some Crossfit(ish) stuff.

**I don’t concern my self a whole lot with what other people do, especially in the gym.  I’m just observant.  There’s an important difference between being aware of your surroundings/being observant, and getting caught up with others to a point where it alters your performance.**

Today, a lady came in and absolutely killed it.  Barbell rows, dumbbell swings (no kettlebells in gym), single arm rows.  It’s very rare to see someone come into my gym who knows what they’re doing.  Even more impressive for them to be female and dealing with weights.  She was in the gym for less time than other members this afternoon and was probably at least twice as effective.  From this day forward she will be the girl who gets things done.

What type of person am I in the gym?

I slip in my earbuds and do what I have to get done that day.  I may seem a bit unfriendly actually. Only because I don’t concern myself with making small talk with others.  I may give them the odd smile, but I’m in there for me.  It’s my time.  I can’t stand people who come to the gym and make it more of a social gathering. It’s not the fact that they’re talking that irks me (that’s what iPods are for).  It’s the fact that they’re taking up space that could be used much better.

Try to think of how others may perceive you in a gym setting.  Do you think you have a certain image?  Maybe even a nickname (Deadlift Dave?).  Hopefully this representation of you is a positive one.  Even though what’s going on in your head is really all that matters, what others think of you is generally a pretty accurate indication of your level of seriousness and dedication in the gym.


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