Get Your Slide On

I picked up some Valslides a couple days ago.  Well actually, I decided to go with furniture movers because they were less than half the price and look/function exactly the same.  They worked perfectly for me and I know they have for many others.

Below are the exercises I did with the sliding plates.


These were great at working the chest and shoulders in a way you likely haven’t felt.  Limit your range of motion (ROM) to begin with.  Slowly start working your hands out further to the side every rep until you reach a comfortable limit.  You are in complete control in terms of tempo and range of motion, so find what feels good.  I alternated between pushup flies and regular pushups for a couple of the sets (i.e. fly, regular pushup, fly, regular pushup).


The leg curls are awesome for isolating the hamstring and glutes.  Keep your hips up by squeezing you butt and leave the rest for the hamstrings.  These can become easy fairly quickly, so here are two ways to increase the difficulty.

-switch to single leg.  Stability will become more of a factor and your weight will obviously be shifted onto one leg.  You’ll find these a lot tougher.

-load up the weight.  I let a 45lb plate rest on my hips/midsection.  Three sets of 10 of these and I was hamstrings were fried.


These were tough and really hammered my core.  To make these easier, simply drop down to your elbows and complete the same motion.  Your ROM will be significantly less but you’ll still get a good workout.  Try a couple of these straight arm ones when you think you’re ready.

In case you were wondering, the rest of my training included some light incline bench press with dumbbells, facepulls, and alternate grip pullups.

If you have any questions regarding the exercises above, or if you have any questions in general, please feel free to ask me.

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