Sunday Special (Top 3 Posts of the Week)

Here are 3 awesome posts from the past week.  They provide a good mixture:  from program design, to the truth behind terms such as ‘organic’ and ‘natural’, to debunking popular myths and beliefs in health and sports performance. Enjoy!

The Difference Between Organic and Natural – Jordan Syatt

This is a real eye opener and explains why foods labelled as organic or natural are not necessarily more nutritious or even safer for us to consume.

Olympic-sized Sport Myths – The Star

This short article doesn’t go into a whole lot of detail on specific myths, but introduces important opposing sides to topics we automatically assume to be true or beneficial such as: the benefits of sports drinks, icing, and stretching.

Designing the Best Program Possible – Dean Somerset

Dean is always keepin’ it real.  He talks about how many programs are missing out on crucial components of performance and healthy living.  Strength programs may have athletes putting up great numbers, but they will often be neglecting the body in one way or another.


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