Do’s + Don’ts of Foam Rolling


1.  Use it often.  3-4 times per week is good, every day is better.

2.  Use it on more than just your quads, hamstrings, and glutes.  There is a link to a free e-manual explaining what areas you can roll, how to roll, for how long etc. at the bottom of this post.

3.  Find trigger points and grind them out.

4.  Play around with applying varying loads of pressure on muscles.  For example, you may start rolling the front of both your legs, and then progress to crossing one leg on top of the other and working on them individually.

5.  Try different tools.  Tennis balls, lacrosse balls, small med balls.  The roller won’t be able to get everywhere.

6.  Use it pre-workout, post-workout, or intermittently throughout your workout.

7.  Buy a new roller once in a while.  If you notice a particularly compact area on the roller, or any degradation, it’s time to pick up a new one!

8.  The up and down rolling motion is fine and will benefit you.  However, try shifting your weight side to side once you’re on a good chunk of muscle.  Feel the muscles slide over each other.  This will be particularly easy while rolling the quads.


1.  Don’t roll your lower back.  Because of the natural curvature of your lumbar spine, a typical 5′ diameter roller fits pretty comfortably into the curve and when pressure is applied, it puts undue stress on the vertebrae and discs.  You can use smaller tools such as a tennis ball to roll on either side of your spine on your lower back.  Try putting two tennis balls in a sock, spread them slightly apart, and use that to roll either side of your spine in the low back area.

2.  Don’t roll near your neck

3.  Don’t speed through it; it should take a bit of time.  If you’ve rolled your lower body in 90 seconds, you’ve gone too fast and aren’t reaping the benefits.  Try spending 30-60 seconds on each area, roll slowly and in a controlled manner. It may take 5 minutes to thoroughly roll the lower body.

Mike Robertson’s free e-manual for foam rolling:

Did I miss anything out? Let me know what you think in the comments section below!


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2 Comments on “Do’s + Don’ts of Foam Rolling”

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