Dean Somerset – Breathing Patterns

Your style of breathing has huge implications on how you operate and move during exercise, as well as during your daily living. Dean Somerset discusses different styles of breathing – whether it be diaphragmatic breathing, using primarily your intercostals to breathe, or perhaps using more of your neck muscles.

Your colleague’s neck cramps that she complains about daily? Perhaps a result of inefficient breathing.

And for all you macho men who think you don’t need to delve into this ‘yoga like practice’, your breathing technique is extremely important in terms of creating and maintaining a stable core. And by core, I am not referring to your chiselled six pack, rather your intra-abdominal space. It’s the inside here that counts.

Dean describes it all in detail below:


See what Dean gets up to –


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2 Comments on “Dean Somerset – Breathing Patterns”

  1. Donna June 14, 2012 at 11:41 am #

    Thanks….really helpful 🙂 Shared on FB.

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