Bret Contreras on Charles Poliquin

I’ve always thought Charles Poliquin was a questionable character, despite his impressive resume. He has worked with countless Olympic athletes, and has had a huge impact on the strength and conditioning community over a number of decades. Every now and then he comes along and says the stupidest thing though. You’d think someone of his ‘calibre’, or reputable position would stick to a scientific approach and only advocate what is best for athletes in terms of training. It honestly seems like he is just trying to stir things up sometimes.

I’m a huge fan of Bret Contreras and was quite frankly a bit surprised he came out with this post and accompanying video – but this is most definitely for the better of the training community in general… and let’s be honest, this had to be done eventually. Bret overtly states what many people think (or should think) about Charles Poliquin.

A bit lengthy, but well worth the read/watch of the video. Here’s the original post from Bret’s awesome site:

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